About Bidali

What does Bidali do?

Bidali is building the future of payments infrastructure and is currently offering a variety of products & services. 

What does Bidali mean?

Bidali means send in Basque

Where is Bidali located?

Our team is technically decentralized, but we are incorporated in Canada.

Is Bidali licensed to work with money?

Yes. We have a money service business license that allows us to operate in Canada. We partner with other organizations and banks to work in the rest of the world.

Does Bidali have a wallet or app?

No, Bidali currently does not have an app, or a wallet. If you have one, and would like to add Bidali to your ecosystem reach out to sales@bidali.com

Why should I trust you?

We have processed thousands of orders, some as large as our maximum $9,500 limit and have never had a complaint or an issue where someone did not receive their gift card when they paid successfully. We pride ourselves on our customer support! We hope that speaks for itself.

We know the cryptocurrency space has had some bad actors. However we are here to run a business and operating it in a shady or malicious way is quick way to ruin the business and our reputation.

So with that said, you should adjust your level of risk accordingly. Usually what people do is buy a smaller denomination gift card first and then increase their order size as they feel comfortable. Happy shopping! 🍻

What products & services does Bidali currently offer?

Payments infrastructure

Bidal offers turnkey crypto currency payments infrastructure that saves payments companies, crypto companies, and entrepreneurs millions in in R&D, and expedite time to market. 

Crypto -> Giftcards

Our most widely known product which allows users to spend 50+ crypto currencies on 250+ brands from various brands across the world. This includes brands such as Amazon, Bestbuy, Walmart and more. This ads utility to the crypto currency space and provides real spending opportunities. 

Crypto -> Phone Top Ups

Do you have crypto but want to add minutes or data to your phone? Bidali offers phone top ups for 120+ countries in over 400 brands around the world.

Wallet SDK

Got a wallet? Building a wallet? Whether its web, desktop, iOS, or Android, bidali offers the convenience of gift card and phone top up purchases directly from your ecosystem.

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