General gift card and voucher terms

Bidali Inc. is an authorized and independent reseller of gift cards and vouchers. Gift cards and vouchers sold through our websites, applications and other services are subject to the following terms:

  • All gift cards and vouchers offered by Bidali are considered "Closed Loop", "Non-Reloadable", "Stored Value", or "Fixed Value".
  • All gift cards and vouchers are obtained directly from brands or authorized resellers and are brand new. We do not buy gift cards and vouchers on secondary markets.
  • All gift cards and vouchers are electronic and delivered electronically to valid email addresses or displayed in our Mobile Apps or Sites
  • Except as required by law, gift cards and vouchers cannot be transferred for value or redeemed for cash.
  • Gift cards and vouchers are denominated in fiat currency and generally are only able to be spent in locations where that fiat currency is considered legal tender.
  • Gift cards and vouchers may be used only for purchases of eligible goods or services at the providing Merchant's website, physical location, or certain affiliated websites.

Bidali Inc. and its subsidiaries ("Bidali") are authorized and independent resellers of gift cards and vouchers. The businesses that Bidali sells gift cards and vouchers for, its owners and affiliates ("Brand") represented are not sponsors of Bidali, the Bidali Services, or otherwise affiliated with Bidali. The logos and other identifying marks attached are trademarks of and owned by each represented Brand. For complete terms and conditions, please read the Brand's gift card terms and conditions. Gift card and voucher trademarks and copyrights belong to the Brand. Please see the Bidali Use Agreement & Terms of Use for more information.

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