I made a payment, how long does it take to receive my order?

If you were not able to submit your payment before the rate "lock-in" time expired, then you will need to contact support by using the "Contact Us" link in the menu above ☝️.

If you did successfully pay in time, this all depends on the cryptocurrency you choose to pay with. For each blockchain, we wait for a certain number of confirmations by third-party transaction validators in order to ensure that your transaction is valid.

Due to the amount of transactions waiting to be processed on the blockchain network your cryptocurrency uses, it can take some time to validate your transaction.  Based on your choice of cryptocurrency, this can take as little as a few seconds to up to 24 hours. In some rare cases where you have not provided high enough transaction fees for third-party validators to process your transaction, it may never be validated.

In order to ensure your transaction is verified as quickly as possible, we suggest that you:

  1. Pay from a reputable, non-custodial wallet (ie. not an exchange);
  2. Submit payment right away; and
  3. Supply an appropriate transaction fee. Many cryptocurrency wallets set this automatically based on the number of transactions awaiting confirmation at a given time and/or they allow you to set the transaction fees yourself.

Once your transaction is verified your prepaid product will be delivered automatically to the email you provided or, if it takes too long, due to volatility in cryptocurrency value we may choose to issue you a refund instead.

Our general rule of thumb is to reach out after 2 hours if you have not received your order or an email from us explaining what might have gone wrong.

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