I bought a gift card or voucher that doesn't work what do I do?

All sales are final. All our cards are brand new so if you are able to receive the card/code or view the card balance by clicking the link in the email from us, there is nothing wrong with the cards themselves.

Generally, this could be a result of either:

  1. You purchased a gift card or voucher that isn't for the same country your account with the brand is in; or
  2. Your account/card has been flagged by the brand for some reason

If you are using USD denominated cards from outside the USA, this goes against the terms of many brand's gift card terms and conditions and as a result you may not be able to use the card.

We provide a warning of this when purchasing products and this outlined in our terms of use.

Unfortunately, in these instances there is little we can do because this is an issue with the brand themselves. Since we are not privy to the reason a brand may have flagged your code as invalid, we cannot get a new replacement code, cancel the card, or issue a refund once it has have been claimed.

So what should I do?

Your best course of action is to contact the brand yourself and mention that you "purchased a brand new gift card and it isn't working" to see if their support team can assist you. It's usually best to not mention that you paid with cryptocurrency because in large organizations the fraud divisions and the gift card divisions may not be in-sync on policies.

We're sorry, we wish there was more we could do. Unfortunately we cannot cancel gift cards once they have been issued as this a limitation with many gift cards themselves. We are actively working on solutions to this big problem.

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